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March 27, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Tongue brushing is an important part of oral health! The average tongue may need only a few swipes with the tooth brush but tongues with tall papillae can need a specially designed tongue scraper. The real tongue challenge is when the tongue has very deep grooves or even fissures. These can be common in people with dry mouth or those with what's called "Geographic Tongue". That doesn't mean the tongue is going anywhere! But it does describe patches that can move around on the tongue. Deep fissures may require a combination of scraping, brushing and oral rinses to ward off bad breath or bacteria and fungus build up. Bacteria and fungus set up condominiums in those grooves and soon it's over crowded with "bugs" and they spread throughout the mouth, even possibly into the lungs or digestive tract! So Brush or scrape to keep the tongue healthy, ask your hygienist what techniques are best suited to your tongue!