Lasers in Dentistry
May 31, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Laser   Cosmetic   gums  

Lasers in Dentistry have expanded our ability to do many procedures with greater ease, greater patient comfort and with greater predictability. Just one of the many uses of Lasers in Dentistry is Gingival Recontouring. Basically "Reshaping" or adjusting the gumline for a more esthetic appearance or to allow orthodontic brackets to be bonded to the teeth. When teeth emerge from the gum tissue the "height" of the gums is not always even or symmetrical. When teeth are moved with orthodontics the position of the gums can change or end up uneven. The smallest difference in gum heights from left side to right side can make a smile look "off". This pictue shows the "before" of a patient of Dr. McGuffie prior to Laser adjustment. 



After minimal numbing of the area we can use the Laser to Re-Shape the height of the gumline so the 2 center teeth appear to be the same size and create pleasing symmetry. The after photo was taken only 15 minutes after the before photo. 



The procedure was bloodless, painless and when the numbness wore off there was no discomfort. The patient was very happy! She already had a fantastic smile but with the simple use of a dental laser we were able to make her smile PERFECT! 

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